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Read what people have to
say about their experience
with working with Michelle!

"I took belly dance lessons with Michelle as well as aquatic aerobics. Belly dance was life changing. Michelle created such an environment of acceptance, safety, and love that I was able to not only step way outside of my comfort zone but experience significant healing from early childhood abuse and trauma. Thus began my journey of self love and treating my body with love and respect. You never know how you may touch someone. Your light awakened my light and I am grateful. Namaste." - Annie H

"Michelle truly cares about her students and their health goals. Her classes are fun, hard work and zen all rolled into one. Yoga is her calling and her students benefit from her talent." -Rebekah D.

"Michelle, I always feel better after yoga with you. You are a great teacher with great energy and one hell of a loving smile!" -Doug P.

"Michelle was a great asset to our Medical Mission in Honduras. Her calm personality & great organizational skills made our mission and trip so much better. She led yoga classes everyday even in 98 degree heat. She was a great mental & emotional support to all of us in the group." - Mary B.

"Michelle's yoga class got me through a very stressful year. I always left feeling renewed. She was beyond generous with her time, and she challenged me in the best possible way." -Emily G.

"Michelle is a tremendous yoga instructor.  I have attended her class once a week at the ACAC for the past 8 months.  She is very particular about the correct posture and the proper alignment.  She has a keen eye, and even from some distance can spot that my knee is a little too far left or right or whatever. The result is easy to see in my yoga practice.  Just last night I took a class from a new yoga instructor and she was genuinely surprised to learn that I have only been practicing yoga for 8 months.  Thank you Michelle!  But for however great Michelle is as a yoga instructor, she is an even better person.  Michelle's spirit, energy and her kindness are amazing.  I am very lucky to be able to call Michelle my teacher." -Peter T.

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